I got shivers from a customer saying hello to me cause he sounds like wtnv kevin kinda I am spook

-waits for the day I get headhunted or even asked to write something-

dontcha want manatee to make it big?
Well see there’s this really cool webcomic he’s working on right now based on ideas he had when he was like 13 so…
How much does chest surgery cost?
The rough number I see fund raised for is like… 4k-6k depending??? I dont know I havent actually looked into it Im just pretending I will win the lottery

"I believe that Collins’ construction of Rue as the symbol of innocence meant that some readers automatically imagined her as White. After all, in what universe is an older Black tween innocent? Certainly not in American schools, with the often noted discipline gap. Certainly not in contemporary children’s literature, where Black kids and teens are underrepresented… and when they do appear, are sometimes viewed as “unlikeable” or “unrelatable.”

Collins also makes the grave mistake of stating from Katniss’ point of view that Rue reminds her of her younger sister, Prim. Prim is a much more familiar figure in children’s literature — the guileless, golden girl child often is the counterweight that balances the evil that the protagonist must overcome, and The Hunger Games is no exception. What is different is that while trapped in the Game, Rue becomes Katniss’ Prim, a younger companion who shares in the existential threat until she is overcome by it.

This was too much for some readers to take."




I just remember your face when I told you that omg



Made some cover art for the podcast I cohost.

It’s called That Thing You Like and we do an in depth analysis of pop culture, one media item at a time.

We think media is super important and far more than “just entertainment.” So, we take a critical look at the mostly good (and sometimes bad) aspects of your favourite TV shows, movies, music, books, comics, internet… stuff, etc.

Mostly we just love media and want to share that love with you. Think of us as your friends who also like that thing that you like and want to talk a whole bunch about it. Or, maybe we know of a thing we think you will totally like and want to recommend you check it out!

Find us at: www.thatthingyoulike.com

RSS: http://thatthingyoulike.libsyn.com/rss

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/that-thing-you-like/id639829278

This is a great podcast that I really enjoy listening too. I like it both for their analysis of things I like and also because I love listening to lifelong friends be friends at each other. Like, you just wanna sit down in between them and you’re all sharing a soda with three straws sticking out of it and everything’s the best because FRIENDSHIP IS THE BEST.

oh this sounds cool

My mom is an ex-disney animator and currently a director on an animated series owned by a massive well-respected company and whenever we talk about GREY or Mana’s art she tries to head-hunt him to work in storyboarding and I growl at her and say ‘no he’s mine’


if you wanted to know how kick ass Mana’s art is

Reblogs on that bioshock photoset are showing up in notifcations on my dash like “Lol is that John Watson” and its as funny as it is when people say that to me when I am in my blood-soaked Jack costume with a screeching radio at conventions


No longer gooey and you can see his eye. :D


Mary gonna come here and Im gonna be like “let me take u on the GREY tour” and be like “look at that starbucks where I write sometimes, look at that building exterior, look at this shitty place on Chinatown omg don’t make eye contact with anyone hERE OH MY GOD lets go to my house isntead jsut dONT READ THE PLOT WALL THERE ARE SPOILERS ALL OVER IT IT SAYS WHO DIES FUCK



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When you find out a mutual follow has lots of followers

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