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1-Year HINABN Hiatus PARTY

January 28th 2011 was the day that Tessa uploaded the last comic page, since then the fandom has gone through a lot. Lots of fans have come and gone, but something similar I’ve seen in most Hanna-fans is that being a part of this fandom has introduced them to new friends who they would have never met otherwise. However the hiatus and the ensuing drama have at time put a damper on this.

But I propose we need to CELEBRATE the one-year marker, because REGARDLESS of updates, drama and rumors, the comic is still freaking awesome. And this fandom is still freaking awesome, and we should celebrate how awesome it all is on this one year anniversary.

This is what I want to see happen on the 28th guys:

  • Tumblr dashs SPAMMED with Hanna stuff. Lets reblog our favourite page, favourite fan art, fan fics, cosplays, memories, and so on.
  • NEW art, fics and cosplay shots. Even just doodles and one-shots and web cam pictures. Lets do this.
  • Skype chats, Live Streams, Tiny Chats and the like with Hanna-fans chatting it up, maybe even in their cosplays.

BASICALLY, I want every Hanna fan to find a way to enjoy the fandom (again) if even for one day. Do whatever makes you love HINABN, whether its writing a fic, drawing some artwork, dressing up, chatting with friends you made as a result or even just re-reading the comic again. 

Do whatever makes you happy as a fan~!

And as a special request: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave the drama at home. This is going to be a fan celebration, and I dont want to see any drama surface. Lets focus on how awesome the comic and the fandom is, and we will leave talk of the hiatus/updates/Tessa/4D for another day. Thank you :’3


please reblog and pass the message along!

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    I can’t believe it has really been a year! I may have moved on to greener pastures, but I’ll always remember the joy...
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    yes let’s do it
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    Reblogging cause… I uh… DID NOT expect, this many notes and this many people getting involved. THIS FANDOM STILL ROCKS...
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    *is ready* Oh, that’s today. *finds all of her HiNABN stuff*
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    I’ll partake, although I feel like we should do this on Valentine’s day. After all, that is when the last ever page was...
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