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In regards to the documentary “My Other Me: A Film About Cosplayers:…

I posted this on my FB recently in light of lots of negative comments and crazy rumors flying around about it lately. Going to double post so people can see it…

Hey my cosplay friends: 
I just wanted to make a post regarding emotional statements and crazy rumors flying around about the documentary I was in/helped produce called My Other Me. 

I’ve been involved with the production from almost the start and I fully support the the entire crew as well as the finished product of the film. As someone who is in it, as well as someone who’s been in the cosplay scene for 8+ years, I think the film presented the cosplayers in it genuinely, and overall is a good documentary.

I would never be a part of, or endorse a film that showed cosplay or cosplayers in a negative light. I’m a cosplayer, I’ve been a part of this community for a long time. 

While people are entitled to their own opinions and interpretations of the film, I really hope that those who haven’t seen the film yet to reserve their judgement until they see it for themselves. Documentaries can spark emotions and be interpreted in different ways depending on your own view.

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