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Rifa. 24. Canada.

Writer of GREY the webcomic

Writer. Non-Binary. Undead. Rat Owner. Wannabe Greaser. Laughing at death.

So I am in a bit of financial trouble…

Rent is due at the end of this week and I am short by about half of it, I need to try and get together $250 by next week.

I was short on rent and late with the payment this month, so I need to be on time and with the full rent before my landlord considers evicting me. The rent covers all my utilities also, so it covers my electric and heating and everything. (this is excluding my credit card, student loans, and medical service bills that are going unpaid while I work through this)

Its not very much money, but I haven’t had paying work since december. I have been surviving off of money my parents were able to lend me and food and money donations from family and friends to make sure I am able to eat (for which I am eternally grateful). I have been actively looking for a regular job (yes I applied at starbucks) but haven’t been successful, however I am lined up to get job training and placement through my employment case worker but it won’t come through with any money/employment in time to make rent.

I don’t have much to offer, I can’t draw or anything to offer commissions, but you will have my enternal gratitude, I just really need to keep my place , and asking for donations like this is the last thing I wanted to do…

but..dfdishfjguhj.. I need this.

My paypal account is under the email ‘’, please do not donate if you are unable to, I don’t want to trouble anyone ;O;

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    anyone know if it matters if you send money through Paypal as US or Canadian dollars…?
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    I’ll write a song about you if you help!!
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    please help my best bro out
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    Times are extremely hard. I have been off of work for three weeks because of. Medical reasons and I can understand how...
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    I’ve only met Rifa once at my very first con two tears ago and I’ve probably only spoken 3 words to her but she was...
  31. intellectualenchilada said: Don’t feel terrible we all would love to help support you!You’re transitioning jobs and that’s tough but you’re doing it to improve your life and doing what’s best which seemed like a very big and tough decision so I admire you a lot! So good luck!
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    Signal boosting, I really wish I could donate, but alas, I’m a broke teenager!
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